Mentally Damaged is a Podcast & Youtube channel dedicated to the discussion of real world topics. Politics, religion, news, and more discussed at the layman level. We try to have fun with our discussions but they will sometimes turn into a friendly argument. Be sure to tune into both Podcasts and Youtube videos.

Holy hell your audio sounds like crap! Yes we know and we are working on this. Due to extreme bandwidth limitations we are forced to record over the phone at the moment but this will soon change so do give up and stay tuned in.

Full Retard
This is a side project, mostly a way to get content out when I’m flying solo. Rants, stories, and stupidity.

Why are you doing this?
As my health continues to deteriorate faster than it should for my age I will have to move into a new line of work. I hope that podcasting might someday be that line of work. I am still getting used to being recorded. as a shy and not very out going person it will take several episodes before I am more confident in my abilities podcasting. I hope you will subscribe and make the journey with me!